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Asbestos Inspections

Understanding the Importance of Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos inspections are essential for various situations:

  • 1. Homebuyers: If you're considering purchasing a house built before the 1980s.
  • 2. Homeowners: Planning maintenance or renovations for a property constructed before the 1980s.
  • 3. Property Investors: Acquiring properties for renovation or rental purposes.
  • 4. Commercial Property Owners and Managers: Overseeing commercial properties.
  • 5. Body Corporate or Strata Title Managers: Managing shared property spaces.
  • 6. Workplace Managers: Responsible for workplace safety.

What Does an Asbestos Inspection Include?

An asbestos inspection involves a thorough visual examination to identify potential asbestos-containing areas within a building. The condition of any asbestos found is detailed in a written report, complete with photographs. When asbestos testing is necessary, a comprehensive lab analysis report is included.

We provide recommendations for risk management, maintenance, and management needs. Unlike asbestos removal companies, we have no vested interest in exaggerating asbestos quantities or conditions, ensuring your management options remain flexible.

In some cases, asbestos confirmation requires testing. This involves safely removing small samples for analysis in an accredited laboratory. We offer reliable asbestos tests and sampling analysis in partnership with accredited labs across Australia. Additionally, licensed technicians can conduct air monitoring.

Why Timely Asbestos Inspections Matter

If you're planning even minor maintenance or renovations that involve drilling, scraping, demolishing, or disposing of building materials, it's crucial to arrange an inspection quickly. Our qualified asbestos inspectors will ensure safety for you, your family, and contractors by identifying and managing asbestos hazards.

Workplace Asbestos Compliance

Under new WHS Regulations, workplace managers must assess and manage asbestos risks, maintain registers, and implement management plans and regular inspections. We cater to businesses of all sizes, offering workplace asbestos services, including registers, labelling, management plans, and inspections.

With inspectors located across metropolitan and regional areas, we are well-equipped to respond to tenders and bids for workplace asbestos inspections and management.


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