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Asbestos Inspections

An Asbestos Inspection is critical for anyone:

  • Considering buying a home built during the 1980s or earlier
  • Homeowners who are considering maintenance or renovations on a property built 1980s or earlier
  • Property Investors buying property to renovate and resell or to tenant
  • Commercial Property Owners and Managers
  • Body Corporate or Strata Title Managers
  • Anybody with control or management of a Workplace

An Asbestos Inspection includes a full visual assessment to identify areas of the building which potentially contain Asbestos. The condition of the Asbestos is documented in a written report with photos and when Asbestos Testing is carried out, a complete lab analysis report is also included.

Recommendations for further risk management and maintenance and management requirements are also available. As we have no relationship with Asbestos Removal companies, we have no vested interest in either overstating the quantity of suspect or Asbestos Containing Materials or in exaggerating the poor condition of the material, constraining your management options to removal when there may be suitable alternatives.

In many situations the presence of asbestos containing material can only be confirmed with an Asbestos Test. This requires that one or a number of small samples is safely removed to an accredited Laboratory for testing and analysis.

We can provide safe and reliable Asbestos Tests and Sampling Analysis in conjunction with accredited laboratory partners across Australia. In addition air monitoring by licensed technicians is also available.

It is critical that anyone considering even minor maintenance and renovations which may include drilling, scraping, demolishing or disposing of building materials that you have an Inspection organised quickly and efficiently by our qualified Asbestos Inspectors.

An Asbestos Test can potentially ensure that you do not expose yourself, your family and even contractors to a dangerous hazard.

Since asbestos should be handled carefully, only trust trained professionals to take care of your asbestos identification and asbestos testing requirements.

Get the reassurance that your home is free from illness causing asbestos. Call your local asbestos inspector today!

Workplace Asbestos Inspections, Workplace Asbestos Registers and Workplace Asbestos Management Plans

Under new harmonised WHS Regulations people with a management responsibility for workplaces have a specific obligation to assess whether asbestos containing materials are present and if they are to maintain a register, a management plan and to undertake regular inspections to monitor and manage the risk of Asbestos over time.

We can supply small businesses through to major multisite government and corporate entities with Workplace Asbestos services including all Asbestos, Registers, Labelling, Management Plans and annual or recurrent inspection services.

With inspectors based in metropolitan and regional areas across the country we are ideally positioned to respond to major tenders and bids for workplace asbestos and other hazardous materials inspections and management.


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