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Invasive Inspections

It is refreshing to know that you are well aware of the state of your property. An invasive inspection is a necessary inspection that helps uncover the unseen structural damage of your property. It should be done by certified inspectors who are well equipped to ensure no stone is left unturned.

A thorough property inspection is done on concealed timber framing and there might be a need of removing floor covering and moving furniture to discover hidden defects that may cause damages sooner or later.

An invasive inspection entails:

  1. Vacuuming the solid areas to reduce moisture and dust accumulation.
  2. Checking beneath the floor covering for cracks causing water egression.
  3. Checking concealed walls using inspection cameras.
  4. Look for termites and other pest invasion, mould growth, decayed structures.
  5. Discovering the possible entry points for pests.
  6. Revealing the causes and contributing factor for pest activity.
  7. Injecting pesticides depending on the type of pest invasion.
  8. Sealing all holes after inspection and necessary control taken.
  9. Re-inspecting again to confirm a successful pest control process depending on the extent of damage.


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