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New Construction Services and Inspections

New Construction Services and Inspections can prove you that a structure of high quality construction and design may not have violated the building codes, but it is far from being perfectly safe for occupancy. The slightest defects can cause serious damage that will incur heavy costs to clean up the damage done.

A licensed company offering New Construction Services and Inspections can help ensure property integrity and human safety throughout the various stages of the construction process.

A thorough inspection from the slab and base stage to the final Walkthrough Inspection can help maximise efficiency, comfort and durability of your property.

The inspections will ensure:

  • Fire safety system is operational and properly installed.
  • Electrical system has no loose connection.
  • Plumbing system has a good supply and drainage system.
  • The heat and air conditioning systems are well attached with no air leaks.
  • Roofing systems has no gaps.
  • Interior and exterior structure is well-finished.


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When it comes to property inspections, it is always best to choose a local professional to provide you a residential or Commercial Building Report. The reason for this is that a local inspector will be more aware of local conditions and local government rules for your property. So let us find you the right person for your Building / Property Inspection today. Just call the number listed above or leave us an enquiry form and you will be contacted ASAP.

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