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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections: Your Shield for Informed Investment

When it comes to property acquisition, be it a residential dwelling or a commercial space, the importance of a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection cannot be overstated. This inspection is your invaluable tool to unveil hidden issues that might remain concealed beneath the surface, issues that could potentially become costly liabilities down the road.

Investing in a property is a monumental financial commitment, making safety and security paramount. Employing the expertise of a professional and experienced inspector is essential to safeguard your investment.

A typical Pre-Purchase Building Inspection comprises a meticulous examination of critical aspects of the property. The inspector conducts a comprehensive assessment of the roof's condition, plumbing infrastructure, and drainage systems. Special attention is given to the electrical wiring, external structures such as walls and fencing, and any alterations made to the property that deviate from the original house plans.

Material quality is also scrutinized, with a keen eye for signs of rust, broken tiles, or visible patching. Plumbing is examined for defects, weak water pressure, and the condition of taps and showers. Moreover, inspectors are vigilant for concealed signs of past flooding, which might resurface as a potential concern for new property owners. They also investigate indications of potential flooding due to partially blocked sewers or drains.

Electrical inspections are conducted with utmost care and precision, focusing on switchboards, power points, and insulation. The inspector doesn't overlook any detail when it comes to house movements, searching for evidence like cracked windowsills and doors that don't operate correctly.

For investment property inspections, inspectors are diligent in checking for signs of leakage, including water damage, cracks in external cladding, and mould growth on various surfaces. Wall and skirting inspections are carried out to identify bulging and straining, while balconies on each floor are thoroughly examined.

Industrial property inspections include a meticulous assessment of the building's electrical supply, especially in cases where machinery is included. The inspector ensures that the machinery is functioning correctly and poses no safety hazards. The grounds and drainage system are also inspected to avoid any future complications. Weather tightness is a critical concern that demands thorough attention and inquiry.

Inspectors do not forget to scrutinize fences and gates, examining the base of gate and fence posts. Additionally, inspectors are mindful of the potential impact of large trees surrounding the property, as they could lead to structural subsidence.

Last but certainly not least, pest inspections are essential before purchasing any property. Termites, in particular, pose a significant threat, making it crucial to identify and address any potential infestations before completing a property purchase.

In summary, a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is not merely a formality; it is your shield against unforeseen issues and a means to make an informed investment decision. It is a wise step in securing the safety, value, and peace of mind you deserve as a property buyer.


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