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Property Renovation Inspectors

Home renovations are costly expenditures and it would be a waste to find out later on that the new ceiling has a hidden, gaping hole or that the plumbing modification made for one of the new rooms isn't working. To avoid these and other post renovation nightmares, a Property Renovation Inspection is often in order.

Property Renovation Inspectors will look into your home renovation stage by stage, meticulously spotting any potential issues for immediate repair. In fact, these inspections are so important in other countries that they would even require a Renovation Inspection or two before the area can be deemed ready for use.

Renovation Inspections can happen in any or all three of these stages:

  • Pre-Renovation Inspections: The Inspectors will assess your property to determine which areas have potential problems and each flaw's priority level.
  • In-Between Inspections: Property Renovation Inspectors come right after completing each phase like installing plumbing or establishing the framework. This ensures that any problems found can be dealt with while the construction phase is still ongoing.
  • Post Renovation Inspection: After the renovation is complete, Inspectors will do a last check on the renovated area's structural condition and functionality before giving residents a go signal that the area is ready for use.

Property Renovation Inspectors can help you spot problems while construction is ongoing than to find them later when you are already fully settled in your home.


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